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Want the full picture?

We did.

And that's why North Palm MRI uses the revolutionary Hitachi 7000 Series, which first popularized the concept of Open MRI technology. More than a decade later, it remains the most sought-after scanner on the market today.

Large rectangular opening for greater patient comfort

Power driven vertical and lateral movement allows for easy positioning

High resolution display for more accurate imaging

Spine-Specific Lumbar Imaging

Our system also features the new DynaWell L-Spine compression device for the sharpest, most accurate images. Different than conventional scanners, the DynaWell provides enhanced cross-sectional and longitudinal images that often reveals spinal problems not otherwise visible.

Enhanced imaging of the lower back allows for more accurate detection of spinal disorders.

Simulates the axial compression on a patient's spine when standing.

Problems that would ordinarily remain undetected when the patient's spine is relaxed are now visible, especially valuable in lumbar spine pathology (spinal stenosis, sciatica, disc herniation, etc.)

Addresses the widely recognized need to simulate the upright position in patient examinations of the lower back.

Helps patients remain motionless and distributes the pressure across the chest rather than the shoulders.

Comfortable, easy-to-use diagnostic technique that enhances the data acquired by the scanner.